2021 Mini-Field Season

This year we were thrilled to be able to return to San Vero safely for a two-week study season. Our small team of four worked in the lab of the museum of San Vero alongside team members of the Progetto S’Urachi, who were also in town for their own study season.

The 2021 SAP team stands alongside Peter van Dommelen and Ayla Çevik on our last day of the season.
Katie Breyer, Kell Miklas, Linda Gosner, Peter van Dommelen, Ayla Çevik, Jonathan MacLellan, and Jessica Nowlin celebrate the last day of the season.

This year our goal was to finish cataloging and analyzing the material from our first two seasons of survey in Zone A. We were able to produce complete material distribution maps for the surveyed areas based on this new work. We also worked on updating our new database and our digital recording methods in preparation for a return to regular fieldwork next year, when we hope to focus on Zone B (the coastal area west of San Vero). The season finished with a fun presentation of our work alongside the work at S’Urachi at the Biblioteca di Mandriola.