2021 Team

Katie Breyer is an MA candidate in the Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology program at Bryn Mawr College and is currently working on MA thesis, concerning political landscape and social memory. Her interests include memory practices and landscapes, cross-cultural interactions between Rome and the provinces, urban development and Roman architecture. Katie has worked with our project since 2019 and has excavated with projects in Sicily, Southern Italy, and at Pompeii.

Kell Miklas is working towards an MA in Classical Archaeology in the Ancient Mediterranean Studies program at the University of Missouri. Kell has worked with our project since 2018 and they have also done fieldwork in central Italy (Gabii) and Mallorca (Pollentia). Their thesis explores the question of ‘Punic’ identity and how imperialism and colonization affected the spread of so-called ‘Punic’ construction techniques in the western Mediterranean. They received a BA in Classical Archaeology and History at the University of Michigan in 2019.